Hello Marketing and Sales Professionals !

The Marketing Funnel

When others have written (and quite extensively) about funnels, most often they have been talking about sales funnels – where an interested potential customer enters into the top of the funnel , and following a pathway toward ultimate buying customer, they are tracked by the sales organization.  Where these “interested, potential customers” come from is most often attributed to “marketing” in the broadest sense.

However, how marketing “gets” these potential customers interested, or finds out about their current interest, is left to the imagination.  I will be spending some time in this blog talking about how that happens, where the hand-off from marketing to sales takes place (if it indeed takes place), and how the two separate yet dependent groups can do a better job of improving the experience for this all important customer.

Until then – happy selling (and marketing) !


About John Stott

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager
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